Transcript - Sky News AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert - Wednesday, 22 October 2014

KIERAN GILBERT: With me now, Liberal front-bencher Jamie Briggs. It was a rare day of very strong bipartisanship yesterday as the tributes were paid, including from the Prime Minister to the 21st Prime Minister. JAMIE BRIGGS: And so it should be when a Prime Minister, a former Prime Minister passes. Anyone who becomes a Prime Minister of Australia is obviously a very skilled and substantial figure. Each one of them has made a contribution. Clearly Gough Whitlam made a significant contribution an... »

Media Release - $54.5k funding boost for Anzac Centenary projects in Mayo - Tuesday 21 October 2014

The Australian Government has approved another Anzac Centenary grant in the Mayo electorate, bringing the total amount of funding allocated to $54,557.As part of the Anzac Centenary Programme, $125,000 has been made available to each federal electorate for community and ex-service groups to spend on commemorative programmes.The Anzac Centenary Local Grants Programme gives community groups the opportunity to secure funding for projects that preserve the stories of local servicemen and women for g... »

Media Release - Scam warning - Monday 13 October 2014

  SCAMwatch is once again warning Australians to be wary of bogus government rebates for the installation of solar panels, after a number of people phoned my office last week to report the unsolicited calls.   The calls involve someone offering either free solar panels or a government rebate/grant on solar panels following an upfront payment.   Scammers may pose as government representatives or mention government affiliation or programmes.   To protect themselves aga... »

Media Release - Green light for Werrington Arterial Stage 1 - Monday 13 October 2014

  The Australian and New South Wales Governments are getting on with building a stronger and more prosperous Western Sydney by today committing $70 million towards the Werrington Arterial Road Stage 1 upgrade and announcing tenders for construction.   This new funding increases our joint Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan to $3.6 billion further boosting the region’s productive capacity to capitalise on the economic gains from developing an airport at Badgerys Creek and cutting ... »

Joint Media Release - Briggs/Rishworth - $7.6k boost for the Southern Domestic Violence Service - Friday 10 October 2014

  This morning, Federal Member for Kingston, Amanda Rishworth MP and I met with the Southern Domestic Violence Service to formally present our donation of $7640.   Amanda and I teamed up at the Sunday Mail City-Bay on Sunday 21st Septemb... »

Media Release - Weatherill's report is dead wrong - Thursday 9 October 2014

  The latest taxpayer funded report Premier Jay Weatherill is using to blame everyone but himself for South Australia’s economic woes is completely divorced from reality and riddled with errors.   The $90,000 report produced by the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre makes numerous false assumptions and gets basic facts wrong.   For example, the report claims the Australian Government’s additional infrastructure investment is $6.6 billion over the next... »

Transcript - Interview with 891 ABC Radio - Thursday 9 October 2014

  MATTHEW ABRAHAM:   Jamie Briggs is the Federal Member for Mayo, South Australia. He’s the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development. We welcome him to the programme as well. Welcome Minister Jamie Briggs.   JAMIE BRIGGS:   Good morning   MATTHEW ABRAHAM:   This report. You may not like what it says but the Premier says it is credible and you would be hard pressed, would you not, to argue that the Federal Budget will be having a big... »

Transcript - Press Conference, Commonwealth Parliamentary Office, Adelaide - Wednesday 8 October 2014

  JAMIE BRIGGS:   Well, today we saw reports on the front page of major national newspapers of the downgrading by the IMF of economic forecasts for future years growth with concerns coming out of China and the developed world. This forecast highlights the need for the reforms that the Abbott Government has been talking about in the budget, particularly in respect of the infrastructure investment that we have been planning through the budget in our growth package and particularly lo... »

Joint Media Release - Briggs/Mullighan - New Bald Hills Road Interchange - Wednesday 8 October 2014

  The Australian and South Australian governments are getting on with delivering vital infrastructure for the Adelaide Hills by today opening the tender call for the design and construction of the new Bald Hills Road Interchange in Mount Barker... »

Media Release - National Stronger Regions Fund, open for applications - Wednesday 1st October 2014

  The Australian Government is getting on with delivering priority economic infrastructure across Australia with Round One of the National Stronger Regions Fund now open.   The new fund will invest $1 billion over five years and support priority economic and infrastructure areas – from freight and transport projects to convention centres and major multi-purpose sports facilities.   This is a huge opportunity for communities across Mayo to take advantage of this new investment... »

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